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I'm not sure what to say about this gallery section. It's something a bit new for me, as I've always displayed opening art in each gallery section, along with the "regular" artwork from the corresponding show. However, there are a couple of shows where I've been lucky enough to acquire several different opening pieces. Saiyuki is one of those. After some internal debate, as well as some encouragement from a few friends, I decided to go ahead and separate these pieces out into their own section. To me, they are special enough for that.

Because this is kind of a "special" section, I decided to take a different approach in here. Usually, because sketch sets can be so large, I display only my favorite sketch from each set here on RS, although I display multiples from each set on my main website. For the opening art, though, I've decided to display multiple sketches whenever I have them scanned and available.

 zOMG ... HANKEN!!!! (Gensoumaden)


 Gensoumaden: OP 1 (?)

 Gensoumaden: OP 1 (?)

 Gensoumaden: OP 1 (?)

 Gensoumaden: OP 1
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