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Tactics took me totally by storm. I'm really not sure what it was about the show that I loved so much, but I watched almost the whole thing in one huge, marathon sitting. So, yeah ... suffice to say I think it's an excellent show.

Basically, Tactics is about a spirtually-endowed young man (Kantaro) who makes his living exorcising various spirits and writing supernatural articles and novels. Kantaro has spent his entire life searching for the place where the "Demon-Eating Ogre" is sealed. He has a very strong belief that he can not only free this fearsome spirit, but that he can become friends with it. Eventually, Kantaro succeeds. He names the demon "Haruka", and the two of them have various super-natural adventures together.

It seems like a very simple show. And, I suppose the premise is, at its core, very simple. But, there is something special about this show. Maybe it's the very colorful, multi-dimensional characters, including a loveable, yet wacky, supporting cast. Maybe it's the way both Kantaro and Haruka are so painfully injured by their pasts ... to such an extent that they find it almost impossible to trust anyone around them. And, yet, through their budding, tenuous friendship, it seems each of them re-discovers something they had lost.

A Note About This Section: The cels in this section are a mixture of fan cels created by the very talented Keeper and official studio Rilezu Cels. I have tried to note this information, either on the cel's title or somewhere in the description.

About Rilezu Cels: As you can see from the small sketch presence in here, Tactics, like many current animes, was a CG show. This means it was created without the use of traditional animation cels. Instead, the studio offered post-production cels called Rilezu. These cels are created from production materials. They are done by hand, and they are one of a kind originals. Often, they will come with a matching copy background. Sometimes, they will come with the douga (sketch) used to create them.



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