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A Groovy Kinda Love ...

In what seems to be the "tradition" of Tenshi ni Narumon, Noelle and Yusuke seem to be yet another odd pair that, somehow, manages to fit together quite nicely.

Noelle is a bubbly, cheerful character -- so cheerful that she often seems to be a bit of an air head. But, it's a mistake to underestimate her. She has a tenacious stubbornness about her, and she is determined to meet her goal, which is to become Yusuke's angel and make him happy.

Yusuke is the reluctant object of Noelle's attention and affection. He comes across as a bit of a slacker or weakling, especially when he seems unable to do anything to stop the intrusion of Noelle and her family. But, Yusuke, far from being weak, just has a different way of looking at things. He is kind and good-natured, qualities that cause him to suffer through Noelle's attentions (not to mention her family!) with a certain amount of good-humored patience. Over time, he seems to become genuinely fond of Noelle. He believes in her, and he does his best to protect her and help her reach her goal, right up until the end of the series.

 Yusuke's Puppy Dog Look ...

 Stunning, Sad Noelle ...

 Spinning Noelle OP Cel ...

 Tacklegloms!!! (step 1)

 Yuusuke Explains about Angels ... (step 6)

 Happy Test Day! o.o (step 16)
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