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Angel Wings and Crazy Dreams ...

Mikael and Raphael are a little bit of a mystery. But, at the same time, they are quite a pair, even though their true relationship remains rather undefined throughout the show.

Mikael is determined to help Noelle reach her goal of becoming an angel -- no matter what it takes -- and, thereby, earn his own wings. He is adorable, a bit soft-spoken, and, in the end, terribly misguided. In spite of that, I believe he means well, and I can't help but adore him for all the quirkiness that's readily visible in his personality.

Raphael is Mikael's teacher. He shows up in episode 13, coming down to earth, ostensibly, to keep an eye on Mikael and help him along in his quest. Often, though, Raphael seems to do nothing more than delight in teasing Mikael and throwing him off balance. He seems happiest when Mikael is flustered and, perhaps, a little embarrassed. Could it be that he came to earth simply because he missed Mikael? Raphael remains fairly mysterious throughout the show. Although we learn some of his secrets, he doesn't reveal very much about himself, or about his relationship with Mikael. Even so, he seems to be a very kind and good-natured character.

 So KEWT!!

 A NUTTY Angel ...

 Mr. Nekkid Angel *snicker*

 Pan of Ecstasy ...

 Mikael Hanging Around ... (step 6)

 Fortune Telling ... (step 13)
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