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We're just playthings of the gods ...

Perhaps the only thing worse than knowing the gods are watching from above, amused at your struggles, is when they decide to come to earth and walk among us to create a new world. Kanzeon ... Homura ... Shien ... Xenon ... all vastly different characters, but, yet, all connected in this gallery by the fact that they are gods.

Kanzeon is the Merciful Goddess ... but, often, she seems that way in name only. Not strictly either a "she" or a "he", Kanzeon is a little bit of both, and she gets a lot of entertainment out of watching our heroes struggle westward. Though she might laugh at their expense from time to time, Kanzeon is, over all, a good sport, as gods go. She's not malicious, and she even lends a helping hand at times. After all, things would be so boring if the Sanzo-ikkou died before the adventure was over.

Homura is a different story altogether ... or is he? Another misunderstood villian-type character, his only goal is to create a new world ... a world to his liking, where even a heretical being like himself can live a peaceful, happy life. That's not such a bad thing, is it? But, his methods tend toward the ruthless and slightly insane --- a definite case of good intentions gone awry. Shien and Xenon are his followers. More than your average, run-of-the-mill lackeys, these guys are gods in their own right, and they spell trouble for Sanzo and his posse.

So ... as proof that the gods really must be crazy ... I give you my Saiyuki "God Gallery".

**Note: I try to keep these sections in episode order, as much as I can. So, any sketches from unknown episodes appear at the back of the section, until I manage to identify and get episode information for them. **


 Lotus (ep. 26)

 Appearance ? (ep. 27?)

 Terrible Twos (ep. 27)

 Ready to SMITE! (ep. 27)

 Eyes! (ep. 27)

 Half-screen (ep. 27)
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