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Sage (Goku: Gensoumaden)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Standard size

Copy Unmatching Background

Added 9/21/2009
Character: Son Goku

From Gensoumaden Saiyuki, ep. 21

Episode Information: After their almost fatal encounter with the scorpion demon and Goku's rather terrifying fight with Kougaiji (and, eventually, Hakkai and Gojyo), the boys somehow manage to reach a small town. Later, Sanzo wakes up to find Hakkai watching over him. As they talk, Hakkai remembers how he and Gojyo could do nothing to stop Goku. He tells Sanzo that Goku's power in his "other form" was terrifying. Hakkai adds that he's angry with himself because Goku trusted him and asked Hakkai to bring him back once his other form took over. But, in the end, Hakkai couldn't do anything to keep that promise.

Fangirl Ranting: zOMG! I get all tongue-tied (finger-tied ???) whenever I look at this gorgeous thing, and my mind just kind of goes into a buzzing sort of blank where all I can think about is: "The pretty ... Look at the pretty!" *_*

I have had a LOT of trouble getting repro cels of Goku in his demon form. I actually won one ... well, it's probably almost two years ago now ... but it never showed up at my house. I've kind of given up on ever seeing it at this point, which makes me sad. Then, a few months ago, I saw this repro (well, probably not this exact one, but another from this series) up for auction on YJ. I had never seen this Goku image before, so, naturally, it was shiny-eyed lust at first sight. I bid on it. Oh, man -- did I ever bid! Like a crazy-nutty loon. I ended up dropping out once the auction hit a price level that made me uncomfortable, simply because it was not only several times more than what I had paid for any repro in my gallery but also equal to some of my high-end production cels. I hated letting it go, but ... well, it just wasn't worth that to me. (Especially not when I realized I could console myself with a super lovely Aya opening cel at the same price! Woot! Fangirl-ness for the win! =D)

Fast forward to now ... I'm casually cruising Ebay -- something I almost never do any more -- and I happen to see THIS!! This lovely, lovely repro cel. The same image I missed out on in the YJ auction a few months ago. And the BIN was lower than where the previous auction had ended. Of course, I did the only thing I possibly could. That's right: BIN, baby ... BIN!!! I still can't believe how lucky I was to get a second chance at this particular repro.

And I am so, so thrilled with this one. It is in absolutely perfect condition. The lines. The colors. Even the Studio Pierrot envelope is pristine. It's as if it just came out of the studio a few days ago, as opposed to being almost 10 years old. Simply amazing. And what's even more amazing is the image itself. Goku's flowing hair and clothing. His pose, as he looks so fierce and holds Nyoi-bo at the ready. And that look in his eyes -- alien, otherworldy, and incredibly frightening. Love it!!

Repro Cel Info: Markings: "4", "A1 E" ... Release Date: 2000 (envelope marked: "Stuido Pierrot Anime Fair 2000") ... Edition Size: unknown ... Background: Copy, Unmatching

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