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My First Sanzo (ep. 43)
Source: TV
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Added 7/22/2005
Updated 7/5/2008
From Gensoumaden Saiyuki, episode 43: "The Second Son -- Trust"

Episode Information: This episode opens with the Saiyuki boys finding an attacked caravan on the road. One person is still alive, so Hakkai and Sanzo take him to a doctor, while Gojyo and Goku head on to the nearby town.

In the meantime, Homura has heard about a scripture being located in a certain town. Although they feel it's just a rumor, Xenon decides to go investigate. Of course, it's the town where Gojyo and Goku are.

Xenon, Goku, and Gojyo all arrive at around the same time, just as the town is being attacked by demons. They team up and defeat them, but a young boy (Shunei) is taken hostage. Xenon and Gojyo save him. Xenon is drawn to the boy, who is about the same age his own son would have been, if he hadn't been killed by demons. He finds out Shunei is being bullied and teaches him how to fight.

Xenon tells Shunei he might have to move soon, since the town is so destroyed, but Shunei replies that they can't leave. They have to stay in the village to protect a hidden magical treasure. Xenon quickly realizes Shunei is talking about the rumored scripture.

Meanwhile, we catch up with Sanzo and Hakkai. They failed to save the injured man and are kneeling before his grave. Some villagers approach them and tell them about Ikaku, a demon that eats human souls. He keeps the souls in his stomach so that the human bodies remain alive to do his bidding. His base is the same town where Hakkai and Sanzo are supposed to meet up with Gojyo and Goku.

Back at the other village, Shunei takes Xenon to the treasure's hiding place -- a run-down building just outside of town. Xenon tells Shunei about his wife and son being killed by demons. As he steps forward, into the building, he tells Shunei that he won't hate him if Shunei lied about the scripture. Before Xenon can go all the way inside, Gojyo and Goku show up to warn him it's a trap set by this demon named Ikaku, who is holding a bunch of kidnapped people hostage. Xenon goes in, anyhow, springing the trap, and Gojyo, Goku, and Shunei barely escape.

They run out of the collapsing building to face Ikaku. Just as Ikaku is about to attack, Xenon comes out of the rubble. Shunei asks for his forgiveness, and Xenon says he knew all along. Xenon, Gojyo, and Goku fight together.

Goku goes after Ikaku, but Hakkai and Sanzo arrive at that moment. Sanzo shouts for Goku to leave Ikaku alive. But, as soon as Goku pauses, Xenon shoots Ikaku with his Banishing Rifle. He can't get past his hatred of demons and his anger over what Ikaku did to Shunei.

Ikaku dissolves away, and the villagers, including Shunei, all fall to the ground, dying. Hakkai explains that Ikaku kept the people's souls in his stomach. The camera cuts to this shot of Sanzo, who tells Xenon that, by killing Ikaku, he has killed all the villagers Ikaku had devoured. There is no way they can save the villagers now.

Fangirl Ranting: I'm pretty much struck speechless by this beautiful genga. Seriously, I'm just sitting here, leaving drool spots on my keyboard right now. This is just such a pretty, pretty image of Sanzo, and I can't believe I managed to snag it off of Anime Museum's site. I don't normally consider myself much of a "portrait" lover or seeker ... but I do sometimes find ones I love. And, this one definitely falls into that category, in spades!

Pretty, pretty Sanzo. Of course, I'm sure he would use his banishing gun --- or, at the very least, his "paper fan for idiots" --- on me if he heard me say that. Well, I'm so sorry, my little pissy monk ... but you are just going to have to look in the mirror and face up to the fact that you are exceedingly pretty! Hey ... don't wave that damn fan at me --- I didn't draw you!

Interesting side note: I consider this sketch to be my first "really great" Sanzo sketch. It was one of the earliest pieces of Saiyuki artwork I acquired, and I continue to love it just as much today as when I first got it. Ain't it grand when life works out that way? *grin*

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